Course Overview
First Aid is an essential skill so we believe that every school child should learn the basics of first aid, this can be difficult and costly for schools to provide so we are pleased to be able to offer a free online first aid course to all school students in the UK! On the course various first aid subjects are covered to encourage children to help someone in need but to also ensure that they keep themselves safe at all times and make sure that they get the necessary help for the casualty. You can register your school, club or organisation free or if you are at school you can also register to do this free online first aid course.

About On-Line Training Courses?
Our on-line courses are produced by ProTrainings, a leading supplier of medical and safety video based training across the UK and Europe. All on-line courses include engaging video training that can be paused, resumed and watched as many times as required for eight months, making this the most convenient and flexible way to learn. Also included in the course are knowledge reviews, manuals and information downloads.

Course Content:
Introduction to First Aid
Prevention of accidents and Keeping safe in an emergency
Looking after someone in need
Unconscious but breathing
Adult and older children CPR
Hands only CPR
Heart Attack and Stroke
Serious Bleeding and Shock
Broken bones and spinal injury
Allergic Reaction
Asthma and Breathing Problems
Treating Pets
Summary and learning more

Duration: The Student First Aid course should take up to3 hours to complete and includes 1 hour and 1 minute of video training as well as knowledge reviews, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

Certification: Successful participants will be able to print an A4 certificate.

Course Price: Free.

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