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Course Overview
This Online Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness Course is ideal to give all members of staff basic fire training to increase awareness and co-operation in the event of a fire in the workplace. Awareness will reduce the risk of fires actually breaking out and therefore save lives. The course is designed to meet and comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It covers regulations, the fire triangle, evacuation, fire equipment, good housekeeping, the law, training requirements, calling the fire service, fire doors, smoke alarms, risk assessing and precautions. We also offer a Level 2 course that training for Fire Wardens and Fire Marshals.

About On-Line Training Courses?
Our online Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness course is produced by ProTrainings, a leading supplier of medical and safety video based training across the UK and Europe. All online courses include engaging video training that can be paused, resumed and watched as many times as required for eight months, making this the most convenient and flexible way to learn. Also included in the course price are knowledge reviews, manuals and information downloads, printable certificate upon successful completion of final test & CPD time credit confirmation.

Course Content:
The Importance of Fire Safety
The Law
Causes, Prevention, Training and Alarms
The Fire Triangle
Sources of Ignition
Active and Passive Fire Spread
Fire Prevention
Good House Keeping
Dangers of Smoke
Types of Fire Alarm
Emergency Equipment and Response Actions
Calling the Fire Service
Fire Safety Equipment
Evacuating in an Emergency
Appropriate Clothing
Smoke Alarms in the Home
Fire Proofing the Home
Risk Assessment and Hazards
Duration: The Online Level 1 Fire Safety Awareness Course should take approximately 3 hours to complete and includes 1 hours and 23 minutes of video training as well as knowledge reviews, final test, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

Certification: Successful participants will be able to print an A4 certificate valid for 3 years.

Course Price: £19.95 + vat per person.

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